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Welcome to Echidna Home

Hi I'm Tazzie G,  

Tasmania the beautiful island state of Australia is where I call home. As I type rain is heavy  on my tin roof, wind is blowing gale force, I am awed by the trees yet wonder if some may snap as they flex and bend to the winds will.   Accompanying the noise of the rain and wind, snoring and snuffling can be heard from my two contented dogs.  Who lie asleep near me, after a morning of exercise and playing. I like the wind, feeling so lucky to have this beautiful roof over my head.

Living in a rural location on just under 4064m2 or a little under an acre has not always been easy.  It is interesting to discover in today's world my life style is seen as self sufficient.    My home is not on town water, or sewerage services. A septic tank,  ffor my black and french drains for grey water disposal on my property.   Three rain water tanks and an electric pump provide my water.  
Researching into the cost of solar panels to provide electricity to the house is too expens…

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